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Please select one of the categories on the left to view a small selection of the many ranges we have available in our two stores, please enjoy browsing and use the brochure download page to help with specs and sizes, but please pop in or give us a call if you need more info or can’t quite find what you’re looking for!

At Whartons we want our customers to have a unique shopping experience each and every time they visit our stores. Our buyers traverse the globe searching for exciting new products, and our team work hard to ensure a seamless flow of that product to our stores. We train all our sales associates to know all about our products so they pass that knowledge along to you, our customers.
And it is because our items are so unique, and because the shopping experience is so important to our company that we have decided not to sell on-line at this time, but focus on other areas that ultimately benefit you, our customers!

Our Fair Pricing Policy is our way of telling you that you can trust our pricing, we don’t inflate prices for short periods so we can then knock off huge discounts in FAKE SALES every other weekend. Neither do we include an amount to cover interest free credit; we believe that nothing in this world comes for free! We sell good quality furniture and accessories at sensible prices all year round, yes we have an occasional sale or promotion where you’ll find genuine small savings or perhaps heavily discounted clearance items, but in all cases you can be confident that price you’re paying is a fair one.

Our local delivery is free, and subject to the size of the order we can often stretch this free service to quite some distance (pop in and have a chat to see how far we go). It’s not just a drop off either, our team will have already unpacked and inspected your items and will safely install them into a room of your choice (some reasonable exclusions apply here, i.e. giant corner sofa’s generally don’t go in loft conversions. All we ask is that you discuss this with us whilst placing your order)